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Start small.

Shauna Sanders

your joy catalyst

Do you feel like life is just happening to you and passing you by? If you’re struggling to get out of bed in the morning, it might not be just because you’re tired. Not feeling like you have anything to excite you or make you happy can force you to look to the future for contentment. Life will feel better as soon as… (fill in the blank) happens.

The reality is, life doesn’t get better, you do.

You may not realize it yet and Rumi said it best, “everything in the universe is within you.”

Your joyful life, your happiness – everything you’re looking for or think you weren’t given is already there, you just can’t see it, YET.

Hi, I’m Shauna Sanders

Joy Catalyst

I’m a life coach for busy professionals who feel like something is missing from their lives. Together we zero in on the reasons why and make a powerful plan of action so they can finally create and sustain the fulfilling life they want.

The reality is, if you think there is something more, there actually is. And if you think you are meant to do something more, you truly are.

We all deserve a happy life.

Happiness is available to all of us now – it just takes recognizing it. When you’ve become so numb by living your life outside of you – not being true to yourself, not knowing what your values are and therefore not living in alignment with your values, holding grudges, feeling bitter – your expectations of what life should have been become the low standards now called your life.

Instead of life happening FOR you, it’s happening TO you.

If you’ve become so unhappy you can’t bear it anymore and you’ve become unrecognizable to yourself – if that moment is now, it’s time to turn things around.

If you’re waiting for something new to come into your life and it’s not happening, something new has to come out of you.

I’m here to help and show you how possible everything is.

What would you say if you learned that the key to the shift you want, is actually within you?

Do you feel like you were meant for more but you can’t seem to figure out what that is?

Maybe you hate your job or find yourself snapping at people for no reason.

Are you pressing snooze every morning so you don’t have to face the day?

Is your relationship where you want it to be? Are you in a relationship? Or wondering if you even want to be in one?

Maybe you’re starting to feel like life is unfair, and you won’t be able to change things even if you try. These were the cards you were dealt, so there’s not much you can do about them anyway, right? At this point, you’re just going through the motions. Eat, sleep, repeat.

Whether you’re frustrated or just feeling numb, you know one thing – you’re sick of this version of you.

Shauna helped me assess what actions steps I needed to take and led me to create a plan to accomplish my goal. The questions she asked helped me get clarity and insight. She provided helpful tools that I am using today!

Catherine O'Brien

Owner of Branch Out Programs

Shauna is awesome! She meets me where I am and holds the space for me to have my own thoughts and at the same time, she gives insight to help me come up with ideas to move forward. I sincerely have appreciated the time I spent with Shauna. I would recommend her for people who really want to break through the mediocrity of the norm.

When good enough isn’t good enough anymore–find Shauna. She is great!

Amy Lindee-Deever

Owner and Christian Life Coach at SonShine Coaching

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