How I Manifested My Way to Dallas for FREE

Thank you Nathalie!  (Universe not pictured)

The power of our thoughts is way more powerful that you might think. You might have heard of The Law of Attraction or maybe someone’s told you to “put it out in the Universe”. This is the premise of the book and movie “The Secret”. If you’re unfamiliar, the basic idea is, you attract back to you what you are thinking. So, if you think, “I never have enough money to get ahead”, then you will never have enough money to get ahead. Conversely, when you start thinking “money is attracted to me and I have plenty of it”, guess what, money starts showing up. It doesn’t have to be centered around money. This law is universal. If you think and or talk about how you are always late, no matter how hard you try to be early, you will ALWAYS be late. Start saying “I always arrive in plenty of time” and you’ll start to see a change. For those new to this idea, it can seem like a hard pill to swallow. It might even feel false to say these things when you don’t feel what you are saying. That’s part of why we say it, when we start to say these positive statements, we do, eventually, start to believe it. You can actually re-train your brain and what it thinks. Sounds crazy but it’s TRUE.

About 6 months ago I heard of an event that I wanted to go to so badly, I immediately started putting money aside to ensure my attendance. The event is “Off The Charts Live” and the list of this year’s speakers held up to its namesake. I just HAD to attend. Yet, as the date got closer, my wallet became lighter. Things come up, trees fall down and other emergencies. I reluctantly decided I couldn’t go and told myself I was being responsible with my money. And then I got bummed. I summed it up to generic suffering of being financially accountable and tried to get over it. But I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was supposed to be there and something was unjustly holding me back from going. I ASSumed this was lack of funds. And then it hit me. Why was I letting money hold me back?

There are so many ways to make anything happen, this had to be doable. I broke it down into what was going to be the bulk of the expense; plane ticket ($500), hotel ($600), cost of event ($1000). I was either going to have to make an extra couple of thousand dollars in a short amount of time, OR I was going to manifest each aspect of this event into my life. And right after I thought that, I remembered, I had just enough miles on Delta for one free round trip plane ride. One piece of my puzzle already taken care of!

As soon as I realized I could fly for without cost, I thought, what if I could do the whole thing for free? I immediately wrote to the Event Mastermind & Creator, Nathalie Lussier and offered my volunteer services.

Hi Nathalie,

I am working on manifesting my way to your event.  If I were in the position to buy a ticket, I would gladly write the check today.  And that IS my goal for next year.  (Also putting it out to the Universe that you WILL have this event again next year!)  My question to you is: how can I be of service to you during your event?  I have highly diverse organizational skills and my people skills are “off the charts” 🙂  I have worked in the Film Industry for 14 years and I have made the impossible, possible, all the while with a smile on my face and in my heart.  I’d really like to join your team and participate in any way I can at your OTC event.  I have enough miles to fly free to you and I know I can find a place to stay if you’ll have me.  

Thank you for all you’ve already given and taught me.  You rock.


Shauna Sanders

P.S. I’m the one who recently wrote that “5 Girl Crush Worthy Entrepreneurs With Heart” blog and meant every word of it.  (and thanks for retweeting it!  so a’some)

One of Nathalie’s teammates, Danielle, immediately wrote me back, thanking me for my offer, saying they’d get back to me closer to the event. I was encouraged and started telling everyone I could think of that I was looking for a couch to crash on in May for a few days. And then, nothing. No movement. No one seemed to know anyone in Dallas. No problem, I realized this might take time. I kept asking and figured something would turn up. Crickets. Suddenly, I realized what the problem was. I was waiting.Waiting until I found the couch and waiting until I solidified my volunteer gig. In other words, I was telling the Universe I wasn’t sure this was going to happen. So, in turn, neither was the Universe.

As soon as I realized this, I went right to Delta Airlines online and booked my ticket. Some people thought this was brave and bold. Others thought I was crazy to book it without “knowing for sure”. That’s the thing. I realized I had to get to the point where I DID know for sure. I knew I was going. What I didn’t know was how it was all going to turn out. But that was up to the Universe. And just a couple days after I booked my ticket, Off The Charts wrote back to me asking if I was still interested in volunteering. Quickly to be followed by not one, but two very generous house guest offers from friends of friends.

And just like that, my dream of going to this amazing event became my reality. It was once I got myself to believe this was all going to happen that things started to fall into place.

I just got home from Off The Charts Live and it was INCREDIBLE on all sorts of levels. The speakers were not only inspirational but I left with concrete knowledge and ideas of how to elevate my business and myself to the next level. I met countless amazing women each day. It’s seriously one of the best events I’ve ever attended and it certainly was an honor to have volunteered. I knew I was supposed to be there, I just had to make sure the Universe heard me.

We really do have incredible power within us. What do YOU want to manifest in your life? Come tell me on my Facebook page or better yet, join my Intentional Living Facebook group and be around like-minded people who intend their way to a better life.

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