Think Bigger

The Ocean that started it all

Have you ever had a 3 year-old blow your mind?

I recently took my son to his doctor after a weekend of fever fun. Like many pediatric offices, it was decorated for children, this one having a nautical theme. We pointed to all the colorful fish together and commented on how fast they might swim. Keeping up with the art of distraction while waiting for the nurse to call us in to see the doctor, I said to my son “Isn’t this cool? It’s like we’re in an aquarium!”

To which my 3 year old replied, “No Mommy, it’s like we’re in the OCEAN”


I was thinking how cool it was that they painted the walls floor to ceiling in water, fish and plant life to give us the allusion we were in an aquarium; a container holding said water, fish and plant life in a box, unable to get out or go anywhere.

My son, on the other hand, was in an ocean. No walls, no limitations and endless possibilities.

He was, of course, clueless to how his words affected me but since our trip to the ocean I’ve started thinking differently about not only what I see but what I’m thinking and musing about as well.

My challenge to you, think ocean. I’d love to hear your oceanic ideas on my Facebook page or better yet, join my Intentional Living Facebook group and be around like-minded people who intend their way to a better life.

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