17 Things I Learned From My 100 Days of Gratitude Journey

I’m sure you’ve had those days when nothing seems to be going your way. It starts right off the bat with the alarm going off during your deep sleep cycle so you feel off all day. You can’t seem to get ahead work wise and little, seemingly unimportant, yet annoying things are happening to you ALL DAY LONG.

Or even worse, something really bad happens to you and you can’t shake it. Basically, you’d like nothing more than to get back into bed and perhaps engage in a marathon viewing of Peaky Blinders (or insert your current favorite show here).

That’s how I felt about 100 days ago. Bad day was an understatement and grumpy was the mood hat I was donning. And to make matters worse, it continued into the next day. I wanted to change how I was feeling and I remembered how much gratitude and just saying 5 things I was grateful for each day had helped me in the past so I decided to up the ante and challenge myself to post, something I was grateful for that day, everyday for 100 consecutive days. I kinda thought I’d just made this idea up but when I hash tagged it #100daysofgratitude, I saw SEVERAL other people participating in this and I loved it!

When you are saying things you’re grateful for to just yourself, it’s very different than posting on social media for your friends, family and the world to see. I immediately felt the self-editor show up and not want to say certain things so I really had to keep rewriter at bay and be honest when I showed up with my gratitude each day.

Plus, of course, I wanted to be poignant and meaningful. But I kept it real. There’s substantial and thoughtful ones in there and then there’s “I’m grateful for pesto pasta” as well, because, I really AM grateful for pesto pasta. It’s both my son’s and my favorite meal, it’s easy to make, I can sneak in tons of broccoli and we both really use it as a vehicle to inhale a ton of parmesan cheese.

My journey began, my mood elevated and along the way I learned a lot about myself, and life in general.

Here are 17 things I learned from my 100 days of gratitude:

  1. Gratitude is the quickest way to raise your frequency and feel better when you’re down.
  2. The little things count.
  3. Appreciate nature.   We share this world together.
  4. When you are grateful for one aspect of someone, the annoying parts drop to the sidelines.
  5. I’m not alone.
  6. Music moves me, and it will always be a part of my life.
  7. Quality time with family is so important for all of us.
  8. I have personal rituals that I didn’t even realize.
  9. Trying new things is good.
  10. I treasure good sleep.
  11. Pushing myself is never disappointing.
  12. Balance is key.
  13. You’re never too old or too young to be grateful.
  14. You can even change a bad situation into something to be grateful for.
  15. Gratitude is contagious.
  16. People will help you find gratitude when you have a hard time seeing it.
  17. And the most important one… I have a great life. And it wouldn’t be the same without each and every person I’ve come across in life (and those I will meet in the future).

If you’re interested in the longer version and are curious about each day’s gratitude… head over here to see Days 1-100. Some days have pictures to accompany them, some do not and each day is heartfelt and honest.

Here’s a taster:

Day 53 ‪#‎100daysofgratitude – I’m grateful I not only got to meet an artist I’ve been a fan of for 30+ years but got to take a dragon selfie with Holden at her art opening of it in ‪#‎Cayucos‪#‎phoebepalmer ‪#‎artlife

For the full Days 1-100, click here.

What are you grateful for today? And who wants to join me the next time I do #‎100daysofgratitude? Come post your own gratitude to my Facebook pageor better yet, join my Intentional Living Facebook group and be around like-minded people who intend their way to a better life.

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