100 Days of Joyful Living

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

A few months ago, I was having a pretty crappy day. I don’t remember the details and I’m sure a bad night’s sleep was involved but I do remember thinking “the best way to get out of a bad mood is to focus on what I’m grateful for”. Or what I call a “gratitude check”. I’ve been doing it for a while and IT WORKS. And in fact, every morning, I say 5 things I’m grateful for to myself. But since this particular day was so blah, I took it up a notch and challenged myself to post a daily gratitude for 100 days in a row. My #100DaysOfGratitude taught me 17 things that I hold close to my heart and bring me great joy.

So naturally, I want to take it up a further notch. (To 11 maybe?)

And this time, I want you to join me.

Starting today, I will post one thing that brings me joy for 100 days in a row. #100DaysOfJoyfulLiving starts today!

Day 1 #100DaysOfJoyfulLiving – Today is the birthday of my dear friend Catherine O’Brien, who is amazingly supportive of me personally and professionally. I am so stoked we met oh-so-many years ago and have continued our friendship and like minded entrepreneurial dreams. Catherine is (as my son would say) “the best!” and she brings me great joy and I hope to bring some to her when I call to sing Happy Birthday in Spanish (my preferred version).

If you want to start this challenge with me, head on over to my Facebook page or better yet, join my Facebook group “Intentional Living” and be around like minded people who are getting things done by making Joy part of their lives.  And if you’d not a Facebooker, just comment below!

Who’s in!

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