Go With Your Gut

“Go with your gut”.  You’ve heard this all your life but I have two questions for you.

Do you know what your gut is?  And are you sure you should listen to it?

Gut feelings are, simply put, intuition.  And to answer the second question if you should listen to it, I say, “It depends”.

Intuition happens to be a core value of mine so I am quite sure I should listen to it.  But it might not be as important to you and that is just as significant to know.  I realized intuition would play an important role in my life early on.  My Spidey senses were highly active as a kid and served me well the more often I paid attention.  But as I got older, I started listening less to it at times and that almost ALWAYS came back to bite me in the arse.

I once had a boss, a producer on a show I was working on as her assistant, leave on vacation for a week.  She had been gone for one day (one day!) when the otherproducer approached me to “let me know” they planned to fire her upon her return.  Le Gut propelled into action and I knew I had to call her right away.  As if reading my mind, the (let’s call him evil) producer solemnly asked me to respect his wishes to keep this information to myself, let her at least enjoy her vacation, and allow him to be the one who broke the news to her.  Every inch in my gut screamed “No!  Danger!  Icky!” but I was starting to listen to a new value I was unaware of: Approval.

Here’s what I told myself.  He’s kind of my boss too and I should listen to my boss, they are in charge and people in charge make the right decisions.  But really, deeper down, it was the approval thing.

When you get hit with a situation like this, it’s hard to think clearly because you’re IN the moment, emotions might be running high, and mostly, you don’t have time to think it through.  That’s why it’s so important to already KNOW what your actual values are.

Had I already mapped out my values, I would have known that intuition is in my top 5, which I refer to as my core values.  Hindsight being 20/20 and all, I now know how much intuition is a part of me and when it calls, I listen.  And even in heated situations, I know not to ignore my gut feeling and give it the proper attention it deserves.

Knowing your values means knowing what makes you, you.  And knowing before the fact makes it a whole lot easier to make decisions.  You have something concrete to base you decisions on, YOU!

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