Metallica; Bonding Men Together Since 1981

Last weekend I went to my first Metallica concert and they did NOT disappoint. If you’re a fan, you’re family as far as the band’s concerned.

After a stellar opening, James Hetfield took the mic to address the crowd. He had me and the other ninety-thousand or so people at “How you feeling Pasadena!”

We don’t give a FUCK. We don’t give a fuck what you wear or look like, who you love, who you pray to, or who you voted for. We don’t give a fuck where you’re from or what color you are. The fact that you are here celebrating live music and life together, you are part of the Metallica family. — James Hetfield

The crowd went nuts and the band used that energy to launch into the next song. All concerts make for good people watching and this one was no exception.

Something I noticed right away was the ratio of men to women, leaning close to 65% men. And the guys were INTO it. Not just pumping their fist in the air, but singing. Like, REALLY singing. All the lyrics and TO each other. They were looking each other in the eye and singing their hearts out.

Metallica made that happen.

I’ve never seen so many men looking directly into one another’s eyes. And all sharing the love of this music. Yeah, fists were still pumping and I’m sure alcohol was involved for some, but Metallica connected these guys in a way that was amazing to witness.

The Band’s stock went sky high in my book last night. Bonding dudes across the world and generations is no small feat. That, and they left everything they had up on that stage. Thirty-six years later, and they still connect to their audience as much as they do to their own music.

Proud to be a member of that family.

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