NEW Type of New Year Resolution

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

We are a divided world. Politics, religion, beliefs, what food we eat, what is considered healthy, should “listening” to a book be considered the same as reading it, the list goes on and on. Every January, as a new year begins, I remember “New Year Resolutions” fall under the big divide. Most people seem to either be all for it or very much against the idea.

I love the idea of resolutions. Making a firm decision to do or not do something (usually to better oneself). What’s wrong with that?


However, there are two reasons why I find myself straddling the big divide on making New Year Resolutions.

  1. Why in the world would you wait until January 1st if you decided, say, in February to start running at least once a week? Or, if in April, you were inspired to start cooking more from home and eating out less. Would you hold off until the New Year? Probably not. Yet, I hear people decide to “be bad” in October with the promise to “start fresh come the new year”. DON’T WAIT. Start now.

2. People give up once they mess up. Once they skip ONE week of running, they figure they blew it and why bother continuing. And just like that, back to not running, or cooking for themselves, or whatever they chose to do to better their lives. One slip up does not delete the whole experience.

Just start over, again.

But see, for those who waited until January to declare their resolution, they feel the magical beginning has passed and now that they screwed it up, it’s over.

Does it help to think of every day as the first day of the new year? Because every day IS a new day, a new beginning and your chance to start over. You don’t even have to wait until morning! You can start to change the momentyou decide to, the moment you choose, the moment you make a resolve.

This is my NEW New Year Resolution Solution for you:

  • Start NOW — wait for no one and no special date
  • KEEP GOING — If you miss one, mess up, or anything else to derail your new resolve, simply begin again.

What do you choose to do for yourself today or any day?

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