About Me

Do you feel like life is just happening to you and passing you by?

You might have a touch of the “I’ll-get-to-that-once-things-slow-down” syndrome.  “I’m going to wait until: I finish such and such project…the school quarter ends…I quit my job…this weekend… the new year…I lose the baby weight…the kids start school… the kids move out of the house… I retire…”

You don’t have to wait any longer.  You can take your life off of hold.

Because life doesn’t get better, you do.  

You may not realize it yet and Rumi said it best, “everything in the universe is within you.” Your joyful life, your happiness – everything you’re looking for or think you weren’t given is already there, you just can’t see it, YET.

Your action doesn’t have to be big. In fact, I say start small. And I can help you get moving now.

I’m Shauna Sanders.   I’m a life coach for busy professionals who feel like something is missing from their lives. Together we zero in on the reasons why and make a powerful plan of action so they can finally create and sustain the fulfilling life they want.

I Wasn’t Always This Optimistic

I’ve worked in the film business for over 15 years and each time I started a new movie, I lost myself for the length of that gig. I put my life on hold and told myself it was the intensity of my job and the long hours (and they WERE long). By the time I got home each night, it was all I could do to pour my alcoholic beverage of choice, plop in front of the TV and decompress before dragging myself to bed to rest up and do it all over again.

I was miserable.

And then POOF.  The show was over and six months went by.  And my misery slowly seeped into all areas of my life.  I would gain weight, relationships suffered, and my finances were a mess.  This happened over and over and over – and then WHAM, five years were gone, and then ten. Several times, I found myself diving into the world of self-discovery (exercise programs, books, positive affirmation, yoga), but inevitably I lost momentum. Because, it all seemed so overwhelming and unmanageable.

The Breaking Point

Once I realized I had become a version of myself I no longer recognized and definitely didn’t want to be around, I hired my first life coach and that changed everything.  One of the first techniques I learned about was the power of gratitude.

I was so focused on what my life lacked, I couldn’t see what my life was already giving me.  This simple shift in the way I thought of everyday things changed the way I saw myself and life in general.  And the best part- it only took about one minute a day.  That is something I could commit to no matter how busy I was or how long my days were.

In less than sixty seconds, I would say five things I was grateful for in my life and go about my day.  It wasn’t easy in the beginning.  A lot of my first gratitudes felt generic and were things like “a roof over my head” or “my health” but I kept it up and by the end of the first week, I began to see real change.  Gradually, not only was I noticing how lucky I felt about my life, I began to appreciate things that used to bother me!  My loathed “baby weight” I couldn’t seem to shake turned into appreciation to my body for giving me such a healthy young son.

The Key To It All

My earlier attempts at personal development had all got lost in the shuffle –until I started small. One minute. I could do one minute a day no matter how busy I was. That was a commitment I could keep. And once I started small, I began to enjoy the process more and more and found myself wanting, and making time to do more with little to no effort.

As my self awareness grew and my negativity dissipated, I started seeing how accustomed to mediocrity people around me had become.  My friends, my coworkers and even random strangers in the grocery line- I noticed different degrees of misery all around me.  Some people knew on some level they weren’t happy, and others were going about their lives in a sort of daze as if this was normal and it couldn’t be changed.  I wanted to share my newfound knowledge and shout from the mountain tops- LIFE CAN BE AMAZING!

In true “Life is big, start small” fashion- I simply started having conversations, asking questions, and listening.  Usually, if they were open to having a real talk, I was able to zero in on whatever was bothering them.  That’s when I realized, I want to have more of those conversations with people.

Which Brings Us To Today

Fueled by my newfound appreciation for life and a desire to help others feel the same fulfillment in their lives, I became a life coach.  And  now, I’m on a mission to stoke the fire in those who feel like something is missing from their lives.

I now wake up (most mornings) feeling truly grateful for my life and with an energy no amount of caffeine has ever given me.

The reality is, if you think there is something more, there actually is. And if you think you are meant to do something more, you truly are.

We all deserve a happy a life.  Happiness is available to all of us now – it merely takes recognizing it. When you’ve become so numb by living your life outside of you – not being true to yourself, not knowing what your values are and therefore not living in alignment of your values, holding grudges, feeling bitter – your expectations of what life should have been become the low standards now called your life.

Instead of life happening FOR you, it’s happening TO you.

If you’ve become so unhappy you can’t bear it anymore and you’ve become unrecognizable to yourself – if that moment is now, it’s time to turn things around.

If you’re waiting for something new to come into your life and it’s not happening, something new has to come out of you.

I’m here to help and show you how possible everything truly is.

One minute a day can change everything. I’ll show you how to take small steps no matter how busy you are, which will lead to big changes.

So, whether you want to hang with me and read about how it’s done, or spend some serious one-on-one time and get your life where you want it, I’m down.

Are you?

When you want so much more for yourself but you don’t know if you can get there, it’s easy to sit still. As they say, the first step is always the hardest. I’m the first to admit I was apprehensive to dive into the great unknown with a life coach. What if I only realized I don’t have what it takes to make a change? What if we only unearthed more roadblocks?

Thankfully, I had Shauna to put just enough wind under my sails to get my transformation underway. She guided, nurtured and cheered me along as we worked together, and now I’m just excited about what’s to come and eager to see it unfold.

Jenny Fumarolo


Shauna keeps you accountable and on target. She gives you a space to learn about what you truly want and how to break through the thoughts that hold us back. For me, it will always be a process but having the advantage of another voice that is honest, non-bias, productive, and most of all positive was very inspirational and motivating.

Co-Co Aiello

Artist & Filmmaker